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Jay Mathews is a Washington Post education columnist and has created the Post's annual America's Most Challenging High Schools rankings. He has won several prizes, including the Benjamin Fine Award for Outstanding Education Reporting for both features and column writing, and is the author of nine books, including Escalante: The Best Teacher in America, about the teacher who was immortalized in the movie Stand and Deliver, and Work Hard. Be Nice, about the rise of the KIPP charter school network. He has spoken throughout the country on the need to bring challenging lessons to all students and release the untapped potential of low-income American children.

The Best 5 Books on Jay Mathews

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Work Hard. Be Nice.: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America

When Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin signed up for Teach for America right after college and found themselves utter failures in the classroom, they vowed to remake themselves into superior educators. They did that-and more. In their early twenties, by sheer force of talent and determination never to take no for an answer, they created a wildly successful fifth-grade experience that would grow into the Knowledge Is Power Program (Kipp), which today includes sixty-six schools in nineteen states and the District of Columbia. Kipp schools incorporate what Feinberg and Levin learned from America's best, most charismatic teachers: lessons need to be lively; school days need to be longer (the Kipp day is nine and a half hours); the completion of homework has to be sacrosanct (Kipp teachers are available by telephone day and night). Chants, songs, and slogans such as "Work hard, be nice" energize the program. Illuminating the ups and downs of the Kipp founders and their students, Mathews gives us something quite rare: a hopeful book about education.
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Question Everything: The Rise of AVID as America's Largest College Readiness Program

How AVID levels the playing field, helping underserved studentscome out ahead

In Question Everything, award-winning education writerJay Mathews presents the stories and winning strategies behind theAdvancement Via Individual Determination program (AVID). With thegoal of preparing students for the future – whether thatfuture includes college or not – AVID teaches students thepersonal management skills that will help them survive and thrive.Focused on time management, presentation, and cooperation, the AVIDprogram leads not only to impressive educational outcomes, but alsoto young adults prepared for life after school. This book tells thestories of AVID educators, students, and families to illustrate howand why the program works, and demonstrates how teachers can employAVID's strategies with their own students.

Over the past thirty years, AVID has grown from a singleteacher's practice to an organization serving 400,000 middle- andhigh-school students in 47 states and 16 countries. QuestionEverything describes the ideas and strategies behind the upwardtrajectory of both the program and the students who take part.

  • Learn which foundational skills are emphasized for futuresuccess
  • Discover how AVID teaches personal management skills in theacademic context
  • Contrast AVID student outcomes with national averages
  • Consider implementing AVID concepts and techniques into currentcurricula

As college readiness becomes a top priority for the FederalGovernment, the Gates Foundation, and other influentialorganizations, AVID's track record stands out as one of success. Byleveling the playing field and introducing "real-world" realitiesearly on, the program teaches students skills that help them in theworkplace and beyond.

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Harvard Schmarvard: Getting Beyond the Ivy League to the College That Is Best for You

Smarten Up—It's Time to Choose the Right College
Think that your life's growth, success, and happiness depend on which college you attend? The higher-profile school, the better, right? Wrong! Neither is true.
Written by, yes, a Harvard grad, Harvard Schmarvard rebuts the perception that image is everything when it comes to college and emphasizes this simple fact: What you will be measured by in life is your talent and energy, not your college's name. Packed with practical information and insider tips, this must-have guide will help you determine which school fits you. Inside, you'll find:
·How to survive the application process without losing your sanity or sense of humor
·Tips on writing essays, visiting campuses, and keeping cool during your college interviews
·The truth about search letter scams and the early admissions game
·Plus loads of other invaluable insight!
So take a deep breath and exhale your worries and fears. Let Harvard Schmarvard debunk the myths, expose you to the truth, and clear your mind so you can weigh what's really important.
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Supertest: How the International Baccalaureate Can Strengthen Our Schools

Recognized by universities throughout the world, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a college entrance examination that students can take in any country and is recognized by universities in any country. Adoption of the IB curriculum in a school ensures that the school is brought up to international standards. Supertest is two stories woven together: the birth and growth of the IB in the world and in the United States, and the birth and growth of the IB at Mount Vernon High.
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Escalante: The Best Teacher in America (An Owl Book)

Chronicles the remarkable life and work of man who, himself and immigrant, coached and inspired underpriviledged Hispanic students thought to be "hopeless" to excel to unprecedented standards in mathematics
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